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GreenPlatform is an international design platform, where we are developing innovative and environmental design solutions for buildings. Environmental and innovative design is central to everything we do; smart is our green passion.

Our approach differs from other conventional green building consultants. Each member of our team is experienced in environmental design, mechanical engineering and building physics. We are considering the whole building as one piece and focused on minimising energy consumptions and optimizing internal comfort while being environmental friendly. These are the focus of our consultancies and our products.

In order to serve high level services in each our departments, we are cooperating with different international well-known companies.



Green Platform Akılcı Tasarım

The requirements for energy efficiency and comfort cannot be solved by technology alone. Passive design strategies balanced with active ones must be hybridised to a well-orchestrated system. The goal is that architecture and technology become a synergetic unit. The aim is to develop buildings that offer maximum comfort while minimising the use of energy and technical systems. Building efficiency and user comfort are connected with architecture.  It is necessary to approach building design holistically. This is the central aspect of the Smart Design services. 

Green Platform Akılcı Cephe

The form and construction of a facade are crucial for the comfort conditions of building’s users. They determine the in­ternal conditions related to natural light supply, the amount of direct sunlight, glare, ventilation and sound insulation. The facade concept and a detailed design has a relevant influence to improve the ecological quality of the building and save costs. The aim of Smart Facade is it to optimise the facade to provide increa­sed user comfort by reducing energy and technical costs. 




Kağıthane Ofis Park,

Merkez Mah., Bağlar Cd., 14/2C/4

Kağıthane/İstanbul, Turkey

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Akdeniz Mah. Şehit Fethi Bey Cad. No:55 Kat:9

Alsancak/İzmir, Turkey