smart facade

Facades should always guarantee a balance between protecting from the external factors by guaranteeing a good perception of the environment through odours, noises, airflow, moisture and temperature fluctuations. It is important for human beings, to feel the different light and temperature changes, and not to loose the sense of time.

The trend towards extensive transparency in architecture meets the desire to eliminate the outer shell and allow the building to appear light and open. Furthermore, fully glazed architecture supplies a homogeneous appearance, which is associated with dynamism, precision and progress. From the outside, fully glazed buildings are, however, only transparent if they are backlit. For the user inside, a high degree of transparency is unfavourable because of glare and possible overheating in summer.

If facades are in direct sunlight, then they are suitable for the exploitation of electrical and thermal solar energy through integrated systems. An ideal solution would be to create constructional and economic synergic effects, e.g., where the solar system can be used to form the outer shell or solar cells be used as sun screening. 

transparency vs temperature

smart facade transparency vs temperature

The aim of Smart Facade is to develop optimum facade concept for each location and for each intended use while increasing energy efficiency and thermal comfort in buildings.